I created the 8 Weeks to Freedom course to show you step by step exactly how to get your business off the ground. By sharing your gifts and talents with the world you can easily replace your 6 figure income and work on your own terms. You were born to be your own boss!

My clients are leaving their jobs, turning their side hustle into a high paying gig, and all from following this process and sticking to it.

This training covers everything from choosing your niche, creating a powerful message that speaks directly to your target audience, writing content that gets clients reaching out on how they can work with you, and advanced sales training.

As a bonus, you will also get a 60 minute strategy session with me to give you a jump start. This is your chance to ask how you can confidently charge thousands of dollars for your services, consistently close high ticket clients,and how you can start making money QUICKLY in your business.

Hi, I'm Heather Curlee

The first 20+ years of my career I worked in sales and marketing and consistently maintained one of the highest closing rates in the industry. I also co-owned a successful indoor sports facility with my (now) ex-husband. We brought in over $100,000 our first registration and had a waiting list for over 2 years. After losing the business when we divorced, and being fed up with making my boss rich, I NEEDED to start all over.

I hit the reset button and after scrambling a bit to get out of survival mode, I decided to do what I do best. Build Businesses.

I wanted to do it right, though. I wanted to empower others to do the same. Several thousand dollars, two business coaches, and umpteen trainings, classes, and courses later...I created a process that I know works.

Now, my goal is to give others the tips, tools, and strategies they need to get out of their 9-5 and use their own experiences to build the life they want and deserve.

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